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Dream Hunter Sculptures of Roberto Escobar Arango

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What is the driver behind Roberto Escobar that has been born with him and has given him a power of creativity all his life?.

Roberto´s Philosophy

It is simple, he has been all his life trying to understand the Hidden Codes, his Panthoms, he is a pure creator, and his idea is giving the oberver the possibility to create, imaging, and find his/her own panthoms, he invites the observer to rebuild the sculpture, to find his/her own answers.

His Materials:

He has been all his life working with:  Glass, wood, copper, iron, garbage, junk, stones, metals in general, natural fibers.  He has tryed to understand all his life the way we understand reality, if it exists, and catching his perception of it.  How works everything? How works every pice of this world? How works his mind? How works the nature of human being? Anyway, there are lots of questions and lots of aswers to such and extend that he has decided years ago to create his own answers, his own way to understand this cosmos, and represent it by his sculptures.

His workshop:

Well, it has been a whole life creating shapes, objects, furniture, machines, dreams an so on in his  his own workshop in Cali Colombia, South America.  tel.  572-557-7355, contact him at: or 
He works by himself, he creates from a reality in Colombia, every day, every moment, every scene is an opportunity to shape a Figure, to catch a Picture.

Roberto´s Shop:
All his life he has been creating and learning, right now he is ready to has a Shop.  Remember he could sell you the current SHAPES - or create for you your own Recycling dream SHAPE.  The price for each SHAPE is USD 500.o  HE COULD SEND YOU THE SHAPES TO EVERY LOCALIZATION OF THE WORLD.  PLEASE CONTACT HIM at:

Dreamer alone into the stars:.


Contact Roberto Escobar - Just click here

Sculptures of Roberto Escobar - South America, Cali, Colombia - tel. 572 557 7355